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Whole House Water Filters

Our most popular systems for treating general tap water contamination. You will enjoy...

  • Chlorine-free, odorless high quality water at every faucet
  • Softer skin & hair, & healthier lungs from chemical-free water
  • Spa-quality fresh water for shower, bath and sauna
  • Improves quality of all cleaning, laundry & home water applications.
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Futura Anti-Scale Salt-Free Water Softeners

Salt-Free Water Softeners

A revolutionary system that treats hard water scale without salts or potassium - 100% chemical-free!

  • All natural eco-friendly scale reduction & prevention system
  • Sodium-free water for better heart and cardiovascular health
  • Easier scale cleanup for dishes, tubs, sinks & appliances
  • Protects pipes & appliances from contaminant buildup & clogs
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APEC Total Solution Whole House Water Treatment System

Total Solution Water Purification Systems

Our most complete all-in-one home water purification package ever!

  • Enjoy the highest quality drinking, bathing & cleaning water!
  • Ultra-pure bottled quality drinking water straight from the tap
  • Sediment & chemical-free spring-like water at every outlet
  • Soft, conditioned water makes cleaning chores easier, lowers energy costs & protects your home from scale buildup.
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Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Systems

Iron & Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Systems

Enjoy odor-free water and stain-free white sinks, tubs & drains.

  • Eliminates orange, red & brown water staining at every outlet
  • Odor-Free - No more unpleasant "rotten egg" sulfur smell
  • Removes iron, rust, manganese and hydrogen sulfide
  • Protects pipes & appliances from rust buildup & corrosion
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Sediment and Turbidity Removal Systems

Sediment & Turbidity Removal Systems

Imagine crystal clear, sparkling water at every faucet in your home!

  • Removes dirt, sand, sediment and rust from your water
  • Highly effective against very small, ultra-fine particles
  • Set-&-forget, no-maintenance system - Lasts up to 10+ years
  • Improves life & performance of appliances & other water filter systems
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Whole House Ultra Violet disinfection Systems

Whole House UV Sterilizers

Best protection against bacteria & viruses for the entire home.

  • Sterilizes up to 99% of all waterborne microbial contaminants
  • Kills e.coli, salmonella, cryptosporidium & coliform bacteria
  • More effective and eco-friendly than chlorine treatments
  • Chemical-free = No odors or harmful chlorine byproducts
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Standard Whole House Water Filters

Basic Whole House Water Filters & Housings

Affordable 10" & 20" compact filter housings & cartridges.

  • Ideal solution for pre-treatment or light water contamination
  • Widest selection of specialty filter cartridges - chlorine, sediment, chemicals, iron, oil, fluoride & more
  • Versatile design - single, dual & multi-stage upgrade options
  • Industry standard dimensions for compatibility & cost effectiveness
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