AMTROL Water Pressure Booster Systems - 14 Gallon Tank

  • 1/2 HP Horsepower. Booster pressure max 40-50 psi.

  • 10 Gallons per minute Inlet Flow Rates

  • Perfect for Single & Multi-family Household

  • Enjoy Adequate Water Pressure Throughout Your Home

  • Comfort in the Shower While Running Your Sprinkler

  • Improves Home Appliance Operating Efficiency

  • Listed Price:$1,250.00


    Trusted Quality in Every Component

    Do you notice a dramatic drop in water flow when you turn on two different plumbing fixtures at the same time? Whether you are watering the garden, washing your dishes or taking a shower, performing these activities simultaneously may be difficult if you have low water pressure in your home.

    Our high performance water pressurizer is designed specifically for homes where the supply of water pressure is at or above a flow pressure minimum of 10 psi and where the pressure is considered too low to meet normal household standards. By increasing the water pressure in your home, you will feel the comfort and convenience of high flow water and benefit from the improved operating efficiency of your appliances. Our AMTROL water pressurisers feature stainless steel pump housings and connections for corrosion resistance in harsh water conditions, and are built with digital control for accuracy and pump protection. The system also combines a low pressure cut-off switch and thermal sensor to prevent run on/burn-out conditions caused by water main pressure loss, ensuring simple, safe and efficient operation and system life longevity.

    You can enjoy all these benefits:

    • Faster and more powerful water flow from your shower fixtures
    • Take a great shower while your sprinkler system is operating
    • Enjoy higher delivery pressure to support multiple fixtures
    • Improves all water using home appliances operates
    • Run both the washing machine and dishwater at the same time
    • Dishwasher performs better and cleaner
    • Turf/irrigation system provides better coverage, eliminate brown spots on lawn


    High Performance System Components

    Water Pump Head

    Stainless steel with specially trimmed impellers to maximize performance and lengthen pump life. Powerful motor is designed for quiet, efficient operation.

    Thermal Sensor

    Designed to monitor water temperature and turn off the pump to prevent system overheating and ensure system life longevity.

    Pressure Sensing System

    Maintains the set pressure range without the need for regular service or adjustment. Also includes pressure safety switches.


    Hard pipe design incorporates a direct connection between pipe and tank, eliminating hoses, clamps, tees, etc.

    Storage Tank

    Leading diaphragm tank design specially adapted for pressure boosting applications.

    Digital Control

    Combines with digital pressure display and push-button settings for electronic accuracy. Traditional pressure switch for ease of operation, safety, and buit-in pump protection.

    Built-in Diagnostics

    To protect the system - A flashing code and a small chirp alerts the customer to potential problems and its due time for service.


    Sample Water Pressure Booster System Setup

    High Performance
    Water Pressuriser
Performance & Specification

    Tank Specification & Dimensions


    Minimum Inlet Flow

    10 GPM

    Tank Size

    14 Gallons

    Incoming Pipe Size

    3/4" NPT connection


    16 1/2"W x 30 1/4"H


    55 lbs


    Sizing Chart & Discharge Pressure in PSI

    • The pump motor is designed for use with single phase 60 Hz.
    • All models are pre-wired for 115 VAC.
    • All pumps can be re-wired to be used with 230 VAC.
    • The power for your pump must be on a separate circuit. (Use a 20 amp circuit with 115 Volt and use a 15 amp circuit with 230 Volt.)

    Booster Pressure Max.: 40 psi


    Pressure Switch Setting: 40-60 psi
    Tank Precharge: 38 psi
    Min. Inlet Pressure: 10 psi
    Min. Inlet Flow: 10 gpm
    Max. Cut Out Pressure: 75 psi
    Min. Incoming Pipe Size: 3/4"
    Pump Size: 1/2 HP
    Pump Inlet: 1 1/4"
    Pump Outlet: 1"
    Tank Size: 14 Gallons
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