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Water Tank Float Valve

  • Designed to shut off water flow coming to the open tank
  • Reliable bronze body & Polypropylene float
  • High tensile 2 piece arm with adjustable screw
  • Heavy duty threads tapped 3/8" MPT to 1/8" FPT
  • Installs easily in the tank inlet
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Top Bracket
Union Connectors & Reducers
(3/8" x 1/4" Reducer)

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Top Bracket
Tubing — Food Grade Tubing
$5 per 10 feet, white
( 3/8" polypropylene )

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Installation Diagram

Note: If you need more than 10 feet of tubing, for example, add quality of 2 into your basket. We ship tubing uncut in a roll.

The water tank float valve is designed for customers who want to connect their reverse osmosis system to a open water storage tank instead of the fully enclosed pressurized tank. The function of the tank float valve is to allow purified water to fill up the open tank and be capable of shutting off the incoming water and RO system when the top water level is reached. Basically, the mechanism works just like the float valve in the toilet tank. The tank float valve can fit all sizes of rubber made tank.

Please Note: Most RO systems comes standard with 1/4" tubing. If you have 1/4" tubing, you must use the reducer (JG-REDUCER3-8X1-4) with the float valve. Tubing is not supplied with tank float switch.

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